Student Needs 2025+: Future Skills

A key theme we identified in exploring emerging student needs out to 2025 is that while we might have interesting debates at what skills would be most important, a “constant” would be the need for re-skilling. We won’t some day identify the “correct” or ultimate set of skills — it’s a moving target that evolves with the rest of student life. Re-skilling is a given and getting good at re-skilling is, well, a skill :-). Students will continually build their portfolio of skills, capabilities, and experience over their lifetime.

In a world where re-skilling is continuous, developing foresight about emerging skills makes good practical sense. In our research we came across lists of futures skills and job titles (really developing this is a whole project in itself). We were forwarded a terrific infographic on ten future skills in 2020 ( Not only is the visual really cool, but the content was solid as well (not always the case!).

We can’t help but keep scanning in this space — we’ll keep sharing! Andy Hines

Important Work Skills for 2020

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