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After Capitalism: Values-Driven STEEP Entities

Published on June 22, 2017 By Andy

Since adoption of Integral values will play a key part in After-Capitalism structures, it is useful to know what STEEP (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political) entities are founded in each the four values types. There are clear expressions of Traditional, Modern, Postmodern and Integral values under each STEEP category. We already see some nascent Integral […]

Alum Terry Collins “furthering” Integral Futures

Published on December 12, 2016 By Andy

I am Terry Collins, an alum of the foresight program, and I’m very excited to announce that the “father” of Integral Futures, Richard Slaughter, has transferred the Integral Futures domain www.integralfutures.com to me! Integral Theory is used as a method to explore the intention, behavior, culture and systems aspects of whatever is being investigated. Integral […]

Houston Foresight Answers a Wake Up Call for On the Horizon

Published on September 23, 2013 By Andy

Houston Foresight alum Dennis Morgan edited a special issue “Overshoot and Collapse: a wake up call” in response to Richard Slaughter’s “Biggest Wakeup Call in History, for the most recent “On the Horizon.” In addition to serving as guest editor, Dennis contributed a piece called: “Structural criminality within the “collective shadow”: disaster capitalism and the […]

Values, technology and the West Coast Truth

Published on January 31, 2012 By Andy

You might enjoy this radio interview that faculty member Andy Hines did with Russell Scott of the West Coast Truth radio program. We covered a wide range of topics. The bulk of the conversation was around the ideas on values shifts in my new book ConsumerShift, but we explored a variety of futures topics, such […]

UH Futures on the Radio: Values Shifts and Rewiring Your Brain

Published on December 19, 2011 By Andy

On Saturday, I did a 54 minute radio interview with Dr. Bob Rose on his “Rewiring Your Brain” show on BlogTalkRadio. The full show is available to be listened to here. It was a blast! Bob is a greater interviewer with a wide range of interests. The main theme was how the values shifts I talk about […]