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Spring Gathering 2017 Highlights

Published on June 6, 2017 By Andy

The annual Foresight Spring Gathering was held over the weekend of April 21-22 and was a blast! It was a terrific way for students, faculty, alumni and friends to get together, network, socialize, and learn. On Friday night, a dinner was held at our old favorite, Goode’s Taqueria…great tacos and margaritas. Then, the party moved […]

Spring Gathering 2017….More Details

Published on March 8, 2017 By Andy

The details are rolling in for the Spring 2017 Gathering (here’s a flyer). First, let’s talk about the Saturday conference. I am very excited to announce that Christian Crews & Laura Schlehuber of Kalypso Foresight are going to take us through their Systems Scenarios approach. I have wanted to see this for years….finally! In the […]

Spring Gathering now April 21 and 22….and other news

Published on February 10, 2017 By Andy

A quick update on what’s happening as begin the Spring 2017 semester! The Fall Newsletter  is out. Spring Gathering now April 21 and 22. We just updated the dates for our  Annual Spring Gathering to April 21 and 22 (previous dates were on Easter Weekend, oops). The theme is “Good Futures Work.” We are very […]

UPDATED: 2017 Spring Gathering: Good futures work!

Published on January 11, 2017 By Andy

When: Friday April 21 & Saturday April 22, 2017 Where: UH Campus (and other fun spots) Why: Learn, network, and have fun! The topic and dates are set for our 7th Annual Spring Gathering of students, alums, faculty, prospects, and friends (and do feel free to bring a guest). It’s a tradition that we do […]

APF Global Futures Festival Open to Public

Published on September 10, 2016 By Andy

The APF is opening up the Sept 16 APF Global Futures Festival / V-Gathering to the general public free of charge. This gathering offers interactive presentations from leading futurists around the globe. Four different blocs of regional presentations are timed so that you can “follow the sun for 12 hours of hands-on content and discussion.” […]

Houston Foresight Fall 2015 Newsletter & Spring Gathering Save-the-Date

Published on January 14, 2016 By Andy

The College of Technology puts together a nice-looking newsletter of what its various programs are up to each semester. Here is the link to the FORESIGHT_Fall Newsletter_Magazine. It’s a great way to catch up quickly on the highlights from the Fall. One item not in the newsletter that’s important to note is that we’ve set […]

Reflecting on past APF Gatherings

Published on October 28, 2015 By Andy

This year’s Gathering, the Learning Remix, curated by Derek Woodgate with the assistance of the fabulous Maggie, and Gatherings Guru Joe Tankersly, added to the rich tradition of outstanding Gatherings. It also marked the close of “Gatherings Survivor” with Peter Bishop emerging as the winner – he is now the only member to have attended […]

APF Gathering 2015: The Learning Remix

Published on September 19, 2015 By Maria Romero

It’s time to register for the Association of Professional Futurists 2015 Annual Gathering in Atlanta on Oct 15-17 at the Artmore Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. This year’s event features several guest speakers with expertise in of learning, including: DR. RANDY SWEARER Provost, Philadelphia University DR. STEPHEN HARMON Chair of the Learning Technologies Division, College of Education, […]

Reflecting on the Fall 2014 Semester

Published on December 30, 2014 By Andy

Some thoughts on the Fall semester that went by all too fast! We may have witnessed Dr. Bishop’s last class, but I don’t think we’d be surprised if he comes back. He’s still part of the Certificate program, but his primary attention now is with Teach the Future. We also had several students graduate (we’ll […]

Save the Date: Spring Gathering 2015 on “Technology Acceleration”

Published on September 24, 2014 By Andy

Houston Foresight Spring Gathering 2015: Technology Acceleration April 17-18, 2015 University of Houston, Cameron Building We have seen astounding changes in technology in the last century. What’s more, several types of technological change have accelerated over this time period, particularly those associated with digital and nanotechnologies. Some say accelerating scientific and technological change have in […]