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Tech 1313 Explores Jobs and Robots

Published on October 21, 2017 By Andy

The Houston Foresight Program introduces futures thinking into a few undergrad glasses. One is led by Alexandra Whittington called TECH 1313 (The Impact of Modern Technology on Society). She recently took several of her students to attend a Lecture on the UH campus:  “Whose Job Will Be Taken Over by a Robot?” by Dr. Rodica […]

AI, the Forest, and Artisans

Published on June 14, 2017 By Kurt Callaway

The quickening pace of technology offers the promise of greater productivity and better decision-making within modern society, but there’s a downside to that potential.  The use of robots and artificial intelligence within industry threatens to displace not only low-skilled human workers, but also many in white-collar positions as AI improves in its competence in offering […]

Futurists in the Media: November 2016 update

Published on November 23, 2016 By waylon edens

The last month has seen a mix of mentions about organizational futurists and keynoters. Mentions are increasing and we are seeing more quality hits on professional futurists compared to what we call “accidental” futurists (those who are assigned the title by others [media or marketers] or simply pick it up themselves].  And we have not […]

Student Dave Ramirez on Software’s Right to Life

Published on October 26, 2016 By Andy

“Within 50 years a legally binding “right to life” (a right not to be terminated or shut down with violation punishable as a capital offense) will be granted to software by some nation on Earth, effectively giving constitutional “human rights” to a software system.” My reasoning is based on three ideas. First, everything physical will […]

Houston Futures of…

Published on April 7, 2012 By Christopher Manfredi

            Shoes:  Footwear that comes ready to design and create by the user may be coming to you as soon as this year.             Robotics:  The future of robotics is an open one with the “democratization of tools” making it easier to get anything made […]

Best of the Blogs- January 10, 2012

Published on January 10, 2012 By Christopher Manfredi

WFS’s Patrick Tucker discusses artificial intelligence and its impact on reducing costs in different sectors and increasing working productivity. Older but Still Great (OSG):  Interconnecting Knowledge’s Rafael Popper’s introduces his SMART Futures Jigsaw, a peek inside the foresight and horizon scanning process and the how-to and phases of directing futures sight lines. Next Wave Future’s […]