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The Coming Age of … Wood?!

Published on November 19, 2017 By Andy

On my bookshelf, surrounded by scores of futures books, is a 1949 volume published by Simon and Schuster and authored by Egon Glesinger. The book is titled The Coming Age of Wood. Glesinger was Chief of the Forest Products Branch of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and was decades ahead of […]

Futurist in the Media Update: December 2016

Published on December 30, 2016 By waylon edens

In late November/early December we saw a good variety of activity involving futurists. An article by James Wallman suggested the gender pay gap will close by 2045 — which is almost 100 years earlier than the World Economic Forum estimation of 2133. Pablos Holman’s article on “The Big Threat” suggested that it’s not the catastrophic […]

Forest Futures: 3D Printing with Wood

Published on September 20, 2016 By Andy

3D printing technology has developed at an astonishing rate and in many surprising directions in recent years. The range of objects that can be printed now includes everything from homes to clothing, and the materials used include various metals, ceramics, glass, food, various types of human tissue, and many more — the list keeps growing. […]

Futurists in Media: November Highlights

Published on December 4, 2015 By Will Williamson

This week in futurist in media returns, there were some interesting articles pertaining to the futurist persuasion. There was a nice interview with Nottingham University’s Christopher Barnatt on his new book entitled “The Next Big Thing – From 3D Printing to Mining the Moon,” a page devoted to Sohail Inayatullah’s new book “What Works: Case […]

Printing Your House In 20 Hours

Published on August 10, 2012 By Christopher Manfredi


Houston Futures of…

Published on July 7, 2012 By Christopher Manfredi

3D Printing:  While I;m exciting about printing out parts for my car, spare parts for myself sounds even better. Mobile:  Right Time Experience will lead to new breakthroughs in how efficiency crosses the next threshold in business and everything else. Education: Thanks to Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsinites have another way to get a degree, but […]

Houston Futures of…

Published on April 7, 2012 By Christopher Manfredi

            Shoes:  Footwear that comes ready to design and create by the user may be coming to you as soon as this year.             Robotics:  The future of robotics is an open one with the “democratization of tools” making it easier to get anything made […]