Houston Futures Scanning Hits- 10.17.2011

Nanotechnology and biotechnology intersect at inside the body when we envision the future of nanobots delivering medicine and working inside our future bodies.  With tiny machines inside of us, the future of medicine seems alarmingly active, but something needs to power those tiny little doctors.  Getting power to these new types of mechanized machines could come from the body itself with the aid of self-powered biofuel cells meaning all you’d need to survive is you.

Biofuel Cells Inside Body Use Glucose And Oxygen To Power Themselves

The computer of future looks to find new architecture, looking to build on the old constructions of the past by creating new pathways such as photonic and diamond computing.  Could there be another way rather than just reconstruction?  The computer of the future may be just able to change itself by harnessing the changes of its own electrical current.

Northwestern Develops Nanomaterial That Changes Directions In Electrical Currents, Computers To Organize Itself

Rising sea levels have troubling consequences for the planet, changing weather patterns, landmasses, and completely reshaping ecosystems.  Any slight rise in ocean will cause huge issues, but continued sea levels rises could have gigantic implications for future Earth.

Sea Levels Destined To Rise For The Next 500 Years

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