Professor Andy Hines is a Fellow at GAO’s new Center for Strategic Foresight

Our own Dr. Hines was asked to be a Fellow and participate in a conference celebrating the new Center for Strategic Foresight at the Government Accountability Office (GAO). As a Fellow, he will participate in GAO Center conferences, webinars, and surveys, and will be on-call to provide informal advice as needed.

The conference, on September 10, 2019, focused on critical issues confronting policymakers today with an emphasis on two topics: the management of space policy by government and the private sector, as well as the growing use worldwide of “deep fake” synthetic media to manipulate online and real-world interactions.

Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States and the head of GAO, opened the conference. “The Center for Strategic Foresight helps to keep us agile by encouraging creative and critical thinking on the latest trends facing government and society. Our goal is to stay focused on Congress’ top policy priorities and to help prepare policymakers for future challenges.”

The new center opened with nine fellows from academic and industry backgrounds around the country, who will spend the next year studying issues just over the horizon.

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