Lesia Fejer is Foresight Jeopardy Champ 2019

This year’s Foresight Jeopardy champion is Lesia Fejer, a Master’s student currently with the UK Science & Innovation Network. After a slow start in Round One, she came roaring back with a strong Round Two and held on in Final Jeopardy for a close victory.  

We play Foresight Jeopardy as the conclusion of the Foresight “field” module in our capstone Professional Seminar class. The module explores the field that the students are about to enter. We use that material as the basis for the game, with categories including: futurists (past and present), books (past and present), foresight organizations, and movies about the future.

We think it’s important for students to know something about the field they are about to enter, even in the age of Google. In a practical sense, information networking conversations can often turn to the past, and if the student/new grad has no clue….well, not a good thing!

So, congrats to Lesia for joining our Jeopardy Hall of Fame with prior champs:

  • 2018 Tim Morgan
  • 2017 Craig Perry
  • 2016 Jason Crabtree
  • 2015 Adam Cowart
  • 2014 Karl Irish

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