Another Boot Camp in the books

We had another great week of foresight “boot camp” at the University of Houston Hilton from January 15-19. This was a really special week, as we braved snow, sub-freezing temperatures, and held our course despite the university being shut down for two days. We had a great week (thanks to the Hilton staff for soldiering on with us). We are glad to once again have attracted attendees from countries all over the globe such as Abu Dhabi and New Zealand.

A key focus of the course is our signature Framework Foresight method. During the 5-day course, the content acts as a guide to participants on how to affect transformational change in their respective fields. Participants learn how to understand, map and influence the future. Put differently, the course focuses on anticipating disruptive change, learning the skills to identify possible contingencies, as well as acquiring the tools to peer ahead towards a plurality of possible future contexts relating to their industries. Lastly, with regard to influencing the future, the final stretches focuses on leadership in relation to change.

Participants are also eligible for an additional “certificate of achievement” if they complete a foresight project on their own subsequent to the course.

Our professional certificate graduates have now grown to more than 600 individuals from numerous companies, organizations and communities! More program information here or feel free to contact Dr. Andy Hines or Tim Morg

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