Alum Update: Shupp to Schireson

Lee Shupp has joined the San Francisco of Schireson as a Principal in Strategy & Consulting. Lee brings many years of experience working at the intersection of market research, design, bleeding-edge technology, and foresight (futures research). Lee grew up in Houston and moved to Austin to go to U of Texas.

Lee started at the late, great Cheskin, leading the Microsoft account (where he intersected with Kern, Agnish, and Neil). Cheskin was acquired by Added Value, where he learned deep quant approaches blended with qual. Then he went to the Futures Company where he led “blue sky” innovation projects looking at emerging opportunities for innovation, typically in the 5-10 year horizon. His latest stop was at Speck Design, a Silicon Valley design firm where he worked with designers and engineers to make cool new things like wearables, robots, and Google’s Project Tango.

Looking forward, he loves understanding the expected/unexpected/downright wacky things that people do with new possibilities, exploring unintended consequences, and the funny and often brilliant ways that people apply new technology to real world context.

But the amazing doesn’t end there… Beyond exploring culture and going on adventure travel, he has graced the stage of TEDx and he plays guitar in a Rolling Stones tribute band called Chick Jagger – “America’s ONLY chick-fronted Rolling Stones tribute band!”™ (yes, Lee plays Keef). They play around the Bay Area, and in Vegas last fall at House of Blues. I expect him to have a marked positive impact on the music selection in the SF workspace. — Andy Hines


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