Tech 1313 Explores Jobs and Robots

The Houston Foresight Program introduces futures thinking into a few undergrad glasses. One is led by Alexandra Whittington called TECH 1313 (The Impact of Modern Technology on Society). She recently took several of her students to attend a Lecture on the UH campus:  “Whose Job Will Be Taken Over by a Robot?” by Dr. Rodica Damian. The students learned that the biggest risk of artificial intelligence in the business world is the polarization of jobs and income amplifying economic inequality in society.  Dr. Damian spoke of the fear of fewer middle class jobs and the need to prepare people with adequate education for a future where robots/AI could take 10-40% of jobs.

Artificial intelligence is one of the class topics for TECH 1313  taught by UH Foresight graduate and adjunct faculty member, Alexandra Whittington.  The course provides undergrads at UH the opportunity to learn the Framework Foresight process traditionally taught in the Foresight graduate program.  This semester, undergrads in Alex’s class are researching the future of drones, smart phones, 3D printing, and AI, to name a few examples of the topics being covered.  At the end of the semester the students present the findings of their study, highlighting ethical concerns and social implications.  The course emphasizes technological literacy and citizenship, with the UH Framework Foresight approach forming the basis of how to research and construct future scenarios. — Alexandra Whittington


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