Alum Morgan Kauffman on North Korea

“North Korea is a failing state and could fall apart at any moment,” says alum Morgan Kauffman in an article he wrote for the EC Journal in May titled “North Korea and the Art of the Deal.” He goes on to suggest several ways it could happen:

  • disintegration and anarchy, with widespread rioting and starvation
  • a bloody civil war between factions of the North Korean army
  • a nuclear attack on foreign forces or cities and/or an all-out assault on South Korea in a desperate attempt to gain resources (through conquest or tribute) to stave off internal collapse
  • any combination of the above
  • a peaceful and orderly reunion with the South, as happened with East Germany

Given the current situation in North Korea, this piece provides valuable context. It’s good to see our alums sharing their views on the future! – Andy Hines

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