Houston Futures Scanning Hits- 8.18.2011

Optogenetics, the study of genetics and optical manipulations at cellular level, has been seen as another pathway to enable proper and future control of biological functions.  While starting out as a specific brain science, directions are currently being forged toward other body functions besides neural activity.  Can light controls control your cells of the future? Perhaps…

Controlling The Human Heart With Light

Food production to combat starvation and keep our population with energy always searches for the newest way to get plants growing.  Especially with the horrific news of mass starvation in Somalia, the science of food making should another frontal assault of a world that can use technology to end hunger.  Make way for light to impact us one more time.

The Netherlands’ PlantLab Creates Botanical Wonderland With Less Water, Larger Yield

The numbers are in and global e-commerce has not slowed down despite an impending world recession.  The problem we here at Houston Futures has always had with buying clothes through the web is “does it fit me, right” thoughts.  If only there was a way we could see realistically how a pair of jeans might drap on us, we might make a few more purchases.

Cornell University Models Realistic Computer Generated Clothing Imagery

Houston Futures is big on nanotechnology and its benefits to biotechnology, so when we hear of another helpful small scale tool to build synthetic organs, we are excited.  Delivery of drugs is another front on the science of the small, and creating new ways to pile on future drugs on the nanoscopic level allows for better delivery and same trials.

Building Better Pathways For Organ Making And Drugs With Micromolds

We have seen that Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is on its way to becoming a reality with the potential to make whole events disappear.  Spanish scientists see that science, which fools light into flowing over an object as if it weren’t there, as a way to make sound behave in the same way.  This could make your concerts of the future that much more enjoyable.

Creating A Sound Cloak That Helps Evade Sonar, Perfects Sound Halls, Silences Areas

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