After Capitalism: Values-Driven STEEP Entities

Since adoption of Integral values will play a key part in After-Capitalism structures, it is useful to know what STEEP (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political) entities are founded in each the four values types. There are clear expressions of Traditional, Modern, Postmodern and Integral values under each STEEP category.

We already see some nascent Integral entities forming across the STEEP domains along with emerging values (rights for nature, etc.) which may provide the foundation for future entities crossing all the domains.

Since Integral values are still emerging, most of the listed Integral entities show a strong cross-over with Post-Modern values (Meet-ups, Makerspaces, YouTube channels, Online Retailers, etc.). Those can be considered transitional entities and will likely settle on a stable form sometime in the next 10-20 years.

It should be noted that entities that emerged under older value systems will almost certainly still be in place even after Integral becomes the dominant value system. They will lose mindshare/marketshare, but will likely adapt by adopting some features of later value systems while maintaining their core structure. This way they can serve people who still center on older dominant values while becoming more attractive to those who have a strong mix of older and newer values. — Tim Morgan


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