Crafting a Platform for the Future of Students

Ground has been broken on a new research project for our friends at Lumina Foundation. We’re doing some follow-on work to the Future of Student Needs: 2025 and Beyond project. One of our recommendations from that project was to consider building a platform to incorporate student voices into the discussion on the future of higher education. Student input is generally under-represented (if not absent). The project will explore ways to stimulate stumicrosite teamdent ideas about their future needs. We are very excited to be working with Smallbox, a marketing, branding and web-design firm that describes itself as “a growing team of thinkers and doers who are passionate advocates of meaningful work for clients and the community.”

We’re not sure yet what form the project will take. Our primary responsibilities will be to develop content to support a web “microsite” that will highlight the findings of the Student Needs 2025 project. This may include tasks such as:

  • Building the scanning hit library to provide items that may be featured on the site;
  • Designing infographics to highlight key areas of current and future student life;
  • Conducting surveys or interviews with students — or other stakeholders — to get their viewpoint on the forecasts and other findings of the Student Needs 2025 project;
  • Finding and describing case examples illustrating key findings from the project;
  • And more….

We’re really excited about the project — stay tuned! Andy Hines

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