Heather’s at it again, and she needs our help!

Heather Schlegel, current Foresight student (and AMAZING film futurist; view a past short here), has a new project in mind – Future of Money TV series – and she’s started up a Kickstarter fund to get it going.  She’s got 34 days left to raise $35,000 and already has 43 backers pledging over $12,000.

Check out her project:

What is Future of Money Television Series?

The FUTURE OF MONEY Television Series is an informative and entertaining six-part one-hour Docu-Series that we plan to complete by fall 2014. The series explores the evolution of money in six major aspects: Payment Transactions, Banking, Bartering, Credit Lending, Money Making and International Monetary System.

The show travels the world interviewing experts on financial innovations about the future of money. Together, we time travel with our audience — through futuristic reenactments of plausible scenarios based on facts and theories supported by top intelligence and academic research. Viewers get a vital glimpse into the future: how we will pay for things, how we will make money, how we will preserve our wealth, and the effects on our security and privacy.

The Premise

“We live in abundant times. The future can be even more abundant, if we allow it to be.”


  • Increase optimism about future and change
  • Catapult innovation and evolution of money through empowerment
  • Encourage worldwide economic growth with technological diversity

The Vision

“A global study of financial evolution. Not only are we exploring the history and evolution of money, the series itself will create history by affecting the evolution.”

  • First we choose to use television as the forum to reach a general audience around the world, not just financial insiders.
  • Second, the show explores the subject of money from a positive, honest and balanced perspective.
  • We connect the dots from different perspectives around the world and stitch them into a big picture that viewers can understand. We want people to see how innovations and changes positively fit into their lives.

The take away is a positive, empowering knowledge of an ABUNDANT future.

For more info or to donate, visit Heather’s Kickstarter page. Good luck Heather!

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