In The Year 2050

The UN’s Rio Summit happened last week to mix reviews, but they laid out how population will reach 9.3 billion, poverty will fall to 22% of the developing world, yet 1.4 billion people will still be without electricity.  The IEA, not to be undone says that we will be able to save $100 trillion by using clean technology to power the world.  Europe definitely agrees by .  Reaching goals is very important considering temperature is climbing to disastrous results in biodiversity in Canada.  Us taking care of the Earth is of the up most important considering how important rivers will be for us, powering GDP.  Airplane industry sees their necessary needs cut efficiencies, cutting emissions in half by 2050.  Maybe connections are the answer; that’s what Australia thinks anyway as they look for broadband to give them an additional $1 trillion dollars of GDP.  Diversity must be included too as the world is quickly changing from more minorities in the populations and elder populations.

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