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RSVP to Scanning the Fringe

January 27, 2018

Houston Foresight Spring Gathering_Flyer 2018     Tweet

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Lab-Grown Meat on the Horizon

January 26, 2018

Meat is undeniably a staple of the American diet, and most don’t give the ecological and ethical implications of meat production a second thought. A more thoughtful dietary approach, however, is on the horizon in the form of lab-grown meat – sometimes referred to as “shmeat” or cultured meat. This product is created in a […]

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Houston Foresight 2017 Research Projects

January 14, 2018

The Houston Foresight Program continues to develop its research capability, drawing on our network of faculty, alums, and, of course, the students. We completed a project on “The Future of Work for NASA’s Langley Research Center.” The project used scenario planning to create long-term views of the future of work. The scenarios will be used […]

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Houston Foresight Fall 2017 Newsletter

January 14, 2018

Before we jump into 2018, let’s look back at some of the key highlights from the Fall 2017_HDCS Outlook_Newsletter_FORESIGHT put out by our Department. This issue includes: Welcome to our New Foresight Students Foresight Produces Inaugural Forest Futures Newsletter Houston Foresight Produces On the Horizon Special Issue Houston Foresight Research Projects 2017 APF Annual Gathering: […]

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