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Futurists in Media Q2: Less Use of “Futurists”

July 28, 2016

It occurs to me that a new category we might monitor is how often futurist appears in “scare quotes.” When we say someone is a doctor or lawyer, we don’t put it in scare quotes. But many times “futurist” is, i.e.: so-and-so is a “futurist” who is going to…. A scare quote is a “phrase […]

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Alum/Professor Cindy Frewen in the New York Times on Housing

July 25, 2016

Apparently, it’s New York Times week for Houston Foresight alums. After posting a story about Jerry Paffendorf’s appearance, I learned that our own Alum and Adjunct Faculty Dr. Cindy Frewen, She is quoted in the Times on July 20 in an article, “Future Houses: 3-D Printed and Ready to Fly.” Cindy has a background as […]

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Alum Jerry Paffendorf’s Mapping Work in the NY Times

July 24, 2016

Houston Foresight alum Jerry Paffendorf’s entrepreneurial activities continue to gain recognition – last week he was featured in the New York Times, in piece called “Mapping Detroit, Inch by Inch.” Some of you may remember his incredibly clever entrepreneurial purchase of a vacant lot in Detroit that he mapped and parceled out into one-inch square […]

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Alum Gary Hamel Reflects on Future Shock

July 12, 2016

The news of Alvin Toffler’s death on June 27, 2016 brought back memories; “back to the futures,” so to speak. Toffler’s classic book Future Shock, actually co-authored with his wife Heidi Toffler, was published in June, 1970. The book soared to worldwide blockbuster status, selling millions of copies. Toffler made “futurist” into a well-known, mass […]

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Save the Date: 2017 Foresight Certificate “Boot Camp”

July 2, 2016

We need to confirm a few things, but almost surely these will by the 2017 dates! Tweet

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