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The Good Shepherds by Alum Seth Itzkan

February 27, 2014

Holistic Management may actually restore savannas and grasslands In a recent article in Food Tank, graduate alum Seth Itzkan (’93) discusses how a return to a more managed ranching, called Holistic management, has restored previously desertified grasslands and savannas in Zimbabwe. It seems counter-intuitive – cows and goats overgrazed and destroyed the grasslands in the first place, so how can […]

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Teach the Future – An Invitation

February 25, 2014

An invitation from Dr. Bishop – I am writing to invite you to join a social movement. The movement is called Teach the Future. Its mission is to encourage and support educators to include the future in their classes and schools.  The goal is to identify at least 1,000 teachers and administrators who use the […]

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Student Needs 2025+: Who is a Student?

February 24, 2014

Before we can truly understand students needs now or in the future, we have to know who those students are. Our society has a limited view of who counts as a student, and Lumina and UH Foresight want to better understand how higher education can meet the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students. Below […]

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Student Needs 2025+: Personal Branding

February 21, 2014

That selfie may just make or break your next job application. Whether it’s LinkedIn or employers checking Facebook instead of references, we all know that social media and work have been crossing over for years. Our Working Team took it one step further with one of their recent scan hits. The piece is: Personal Branding […]

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Hines Interview in The Innovators

February 20, 2014

Last week in Dr. Hines’ Proseminar class, we focused on how futures and futurists are portrayed in the media, and how we, as new futurists, might influence a more accurate description of the field than the stereotypical depiction of psychics staring into crystal balls. What an excellently timed discussion since this February’s issue of The […]

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Introducing Student Needs 2025+

February 14, 2014

In 2025, kids don’t truly “play.” You might work as a Corporate Disorganizer, Unschooling Consultant, or Digital Death Manager. Your best friend might not be human. These are a few kernels from the six teams of Houston Foresight alums and students that are exploring Student Needs in 2025 on behalf of the Lumina Foundation. Lumina wants […]

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Foresight Jeopardy

February 3, 2014

Learning should be fun, right? And how can one resist the “gamification” trend? Indeed, we have been incorporating more experience/fun/gaming into the curriculum. We had a great time with the Innovate 2038 MOOG last semester. So, we kicked off our Professional Seminar class with a game I created over the break: Foresight Jeopardy. It kicked […]

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