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Values, technology and the West Coast Truth

January 31, 2012

You might enjoy this radio interview that faculty member Andy Hines did with Russell Scott of the West Coast Truth radio program. We covered a wide range of topics. The bulk of the conversation was around the ideas on values shifts in my new book ConsumerShift, but we explored a variety of futures topics, such […]

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UN panel aims for future worth choosing

January 30, 2012 Another view of the world’s future out about 25 years and includes “actionable” recommendations. Here is a summary quoted from the BBC article: The panel’s diagnosis The number of people living in poverty is declining, but the number hungry is rising Inequality in wealth distribution is rising Access to clean water is increasing, but 2.6 […]

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The History Of Dance Music In One Handy Timeline

January 26, 2012

Futures work must be relevant in terms of the past and present to be useful. Audiences are introduced to the basis for the work, the jumping off point, based on many media. Some introductions are verbal, some written, some graphic. The combination of these is perhaps the most powerful. JB 1/26/2012 Tweet

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Best of the Blogs- January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

The Fertile Unknown’s Michelle James gets our scenarios rocking with her own creativity rocks.  Bring on the yin/yang presentation. Hank Pellissier’s WFS piece on America’s losing battle with life expectancy and what we can do about it with interview with The Cure is Now Executive Director AnnMarie Santiago.  Live long, Hawaii! Bradley Kriet possibly picks […]

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Strategic Foresight Graduates In The News: Education Consultant and Now Certified Futurist Kari Arfstrom On BlogTalk Radio

January 24, 2012

Listen to internet radio with EduTalk on Blog Talk Radio Also find Kari’s great work at Arfstrom Consulting.  Way to go, Kari! Tweet

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Houston Scanning Hits- January 22, 2012

January 22, 2012

I wonder where the next war will be.  While the United States seems to be moving towards less aggressive military posturing (in the meantime at least), the next war may be an economic one, a fight for jobs or industries in the global economy.  Is it possible to have another war over economic content?  SOPA […]

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The Power of Biofuels

January 21, 2012


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