In The Year 2050

Australia is looking to get into the green energy kick, but can waves really power the Aussies down under?  The United Kingdom is looking to get on the wave action as well with the costs of the wave and tidal energy falling as much as 80% in the next decade.  Regardless where we get the energy from, we definitely need to prepare the Earth for a less energy rich future.  We will probably remain thirsty but not for just energy but technology as we could use water to pump all the energy we need, farm style.  The dire consequences of us not taking care of our water, electricity, and such may lead to humanity not able to feed its potential 10 billion people in 2010.   It’s a tough question:  is it possible to take care of the whole world’s population?  Our ingenuity has always been there though; we’ll figure out a way to better ourselves because, sometimes, we’re superhuman.

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