Houston Futures’s In the Year 2050

Climate change is costly.  Like 100 billion dollars costly, or at least to Latin America.   We need to get better at saving the environment, and make some big changes or create large goals like the Denmark who wants to have 100% renewable energy by 2050.  That’s a BHAG!  Every little bit of energy helps no matter where ou get it from to include from already-used sources such as heating systems where in Europe they’re trying to cut costs in a big way. With energy all taken care of might as well take a look at our food systems too, and what do you know some ocean scientists has a hair-brained idea about if the world properly controls its fishing supply, we’ll have plenty to go around for the whole planet.  Seems like there are plenty of fish in the sea!  We needed to take a look at our water anyway because we’re running into a water crisis (40% of the world is anyway) that only technology will solve.  The real problem underlining all of these fixes is the problem of money considering we’re still hovering about in a Euro crisis.  True success in the future must come a fundamental reshaping of the world economies, but also a reshaping of the US economy, centered on the center of America.  How rich will the world be compared to the US?  Well, China certainly will be rich, but will their elder population hold them down?  I guess we can start the dialogue now; let’s start a dialogue of the perils of youth unemployment and economic success.  We need to break away from these chains of economic peril.

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