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First impressions of futurists in the media

Published on October 7, 2017 By Lloyd Chesley

As the new Fall 2018 FIM researcher, I thought I would share some first impressions. Almost all the articles about futurists have been positive or neutral, with only a few truly negative. Even when used in a non-futurist context, however, the “borrowed” term has had a positive connotation. It seems to be OK – dare […]

Futurists in Media: Highlights from October

Published on November 18, 2015 By Will Williamson

This week included a mention of a McDonald’s being referred to as a futurist restaurant because of its progressive technological installations being used to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience. There was a mention of the addition of Dr. Marie Puybaraud, a futuris t, to the Jones Lang LaSalle team as Global Head of Research […]