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Apple in the Forest

Published on August 20, 2017 By Kimberly Daniels

Foresight is about aligning decisions in the present with the future that is emerging, something Apple has been doing, to some extent, over the decades. At a time when technology began to dominate the global market, Apple must have understood the trends that were driving change, including mobile internet and web browsing, digital connectivity, LCD displays, […]

Forest Futures: Economic Growth or Degrowth?

Published on August 7, 2017 By Kimberly Daniels

Since the 1972 publication of Donella Meadow’s Limit to Growth, many proponents of long-term future sustainability and the survival of man given the steady depletion of finite resources yet the exponential growth of populations, the deterioration of our natural environment as well as economic stagnation, among other things, have advocated for a global response that […]

Mimicking Mother Nature: Nudging Forests Toward Old Growth Conditions

Published on June 28, 2017 By Kimberly Daniels

University of Vermont (UVM) forest ecologist Bill Keeton is taking a “middle-aged” approach to managing forest ecosystems by nudging them towards “old growth conditions“. His 15-year study, some of which consists of research conducted on the 500-acre University of Vermont Jericho Research Forest, involves the regeneration of recovering secondary forests (those in recovery since the […]

Before We Let Robots Reclaim the Sahara . . .

Published on June 6, 2017 By Andy

With the fast pace of modern technology, it’s no surprise that serious attention has been focused on how it might be applied to reclaiming some of the millions of square miles of non-polar desert which comprise approximately 13% of the Earth’s dry land surface.  It’s not a new idea, but previous attempts have been hampered […]

Forest Futures: A Bionic Leaf: An Unsuspecting Hero?

Published on May 10, 2017 By Kimberly Daniels

Perhaps you may remember and was a fan of the 1970s-television series The Six Million Dollar Man, in which actor Lee Majors plays Colonel Steve Austin, an astronaut turned cyborg-like superhuman following a catastrophic accident, who uses his nuclear-powered bionic limbs and implants on behalf of the US government to battle evil for the good […]

Forest Futures: Increasing Resiliency

Published on January 5, 2017 By Will Williamson

Forests have been around a lot longer than humans. Thick and mighty, they represent the powerful unknown while sheltering the wild and inspiring the stuff of fairy tales. Though resilient in some aspects, many forests are vulnerable to human and environmental stressors, and they are the subject of much research considering conservation and sustainable resource […]

In The Year 2050

Published on August 12, 2012 By Christopher Manfredi

The macroeconomic problems of climate change going in the future cannot be undersold for even too much rain can be a (um) drain on our finances, to the tune of maybe 7 million jobs.  It’s not just climate change that has us in a tizzy, rising populations are causing heavy strains on our resources, keeping […]

Values and Global Warming

Published on February 8, 2012 By Andy

Our World Futures class in the UH Futures Studies program took a “field trip” to see Dr. S. Fred Singer present his views  about anthropogenic global warming, or human-induced global warming. He flatly asserts that there is no evidence for this! In his very engaging talk he openly admitted that his view is a minority one, […]