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Apple in the Forest

August 20, 2017

Foresight is about aligning decisions in the present with the future that is emerging, something Apple has been doing, to some extent, over the decades. At a time when technology began to dominate the global market, Apple must have understood the trends that were driving change, including mobile internet and web browsing, digital connectivity, LCD displays, […]

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Houston Foresight Spring 2017 Newsletter

August 8, 2017

Just realized that I neglected to post the Spring Newsletter put out by our Department. This issue includes: Foresight: A Description of the Field, by student Joe Murphy Foresight Student Bes Baldwin to Intern at Evonik Creavis Reflecting On Futurists In Media 2016 Congratulations to Our Fall 2016 Graduates: Gandhi Bhakthavachalam, Maria Romero, and Johann Schutte. […]

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Forest Futures: Economic Growth or Degrowth?

August 7, 2017

Since the 1972 publication of Donella Meadow’s Limit to Growth, many proponents of long-term future sustainability and the survival of man given the steady depletion of finite resources yet the exponential growth of populations, the deterioration of our natural environment as well as economic stagnation, among other things, have advocated for a global response that […]

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