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Introducing Liah Johnson as the Fall 2016 Foresight GA

September 29, 2016

The baton has passed once again to a new GA this Fall – introducing Liah Johnson! Liah is a full-time student living in Houston. She began the program in Spring of 2015 and is getting close to graduation. She is doing an internship on our Forestry Horizon Scanning and Scenarios project, for which she’ll be […]

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Futurists in the Media: September 2016 Highlights

September 24, 2016

September began with the passing of Australian futurist Richard Neville. He was a prominent 1960s counter-culture figure in Australia, and his satirical magazine landed him in prison in Australia and in the UK. He later evolved into calling himself a “practicing futurist” and was known for being a provocateur. There was news of a new […]

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Forest Futures: 3D Printing with Wood

September 20, 2016

3D printing technology has developed at an astonishing rate and in many surprising directions in recent years. The range of objects that can be printed now includes everything from homes to clothing, and the materials used include various metals, ceramics, glass, food, various types of human tissue, and many more — the list keeps growing. […]

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APF Global Futures Festival Open to Public

September 10, 2016

The APF is opening up the Sept 16 APF Global Futures Festival / V-Gathering to the general public free of charge. This gathering offers interactive presentations from leading futurists around the globe. Four different blocs of regional presentations are timed so that you can “follow the sun for 12 hours of hands-on content and discussion.” […]

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Futurists in Media Q3 Update: Toffler and the Demise

September 7, 2016

Perhaps the biggest story this quarter was the death of Alvin Toffler. As expected, it brought forth a “demise of futurists” story. This time from the New York Times: where are the futurists? and a follow-on from Slate on “the muddled legacy of Alvin Toffler.” Toffler’s prominence triggers a quick reflection on where foresight stands […]

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