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Reflecting on past APF Gatherings

October 28, 2015

This year’s Gathering, the Learning Remix, curated by Derek Woodgate with the assistance of the fabulous Maggie, and Gatherings Guru Joe Tankersly, added to the rich tradition of outstanding Gatherings. It also marked the close of “Gatherings Survivor” with Peter Bishop emerging as the winner – he is now the only member to have attended […]

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Guest Lecture: Nick Price on Presencing

October 26, 2015

It was great to have APF colleague Nick Price recently visit our class and lead us through Presencing exercise. Nick is a graduate of the Australian Foresight program and is doing his own thing these days with “Of Things Immaterial.” Our paths crossed in his former experiences as an organizational futurist with Philips Design and […]

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Futurist in media — Week of Sept 21st

October 24, 2015

A slow week for futurist in media returns, there was nevertheless one mention that stuck out to me. Australian minister of parliament Jamie Briggs is being called a “born-again urban futurist.” Briggs has apparently taken a turn from  a conservative present-focused to a more futuristic way of looking at urban planning in South Australia’s capital […]

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Futurists in Media….Week of August 31st

October 19, 2015

We are catching up on some recaps of mentions of futurists in the media. This week’s hits ranged from the ever-present Jack Uldrich promotions to a talk by futurist David Pearce Snyder, a futurist conference hosted by The Minneapolis Foundation, and the promotion of a new Pennsylvania police commissioner who made his name by looking to […]

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Fall 2015 New Foresight Students

October 15, 2015

We are happy to announced that on Fall 2015 we achieved record high of students enrolled since we moved to UH Main Campus, with fourteen new students starting the Foresight Program. In this post we would like to give them a warm welcoming to the field and wish them a lot of success on this […]

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Katie King’s Student Needs 2025+ Summary in APF Compass

October 13, 2015

The Association of Professional Futurists published a special edition of the APF Compass to promote its Annual Gathering — The Learning Remix –which is just around the corner. It is an impressive collection of foresight thinking on the future of education. Our student Katie King had an article on Houston Foresight’s Student Needs 2025+ project that […]

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Introducing Futurists in the Media

October 8, 2015

The Houston Foresight program is initiating a research project to track, collect and analyze mentions of futurists in the media. The goal is to gather evidence for how futurists are being talked about in the media. The initial idea for this project was suggested by APF member Natalie Ambrose in 2008.* In our Pro Seminar […]

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Ideapod and ADC Forum Scholarship

October 8, 2015

Together with ADC Forum, Ideapod is awarding a US$2000 scholarship for the best idea on the future of work. University students worldwide are invited to enter. To apply, just answer the following question on about the future of work, using the #futureofwork: “What will Artificial Intelligence mean for work?” The best response, made using Ideapod’s […]

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