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Student Scanning: “If it moves, it’s alive!”

February 14, 2015

[NOTE: We will occasionally be featuring some blog posts from student scanning hits in World futures class.]. Up until now there were two predominant ways to effectively search for extraterrestrial life. For very far away worlds, planet hunters execute a spectrographic analysis of a planet’s atmosphere. Different chemical compositions would emit different light in specific […]

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Announcing the April 17-18 Spring Gathering Agenda for Technology Acceleration

February 3, 2015

We’re getting excited about the Spring Gathering this year as alum John Smart, President of Acceleration Studies Foundation ( is leading us through a day on “Technology Acceleration” on Saturday April 18. Of course, we’ll do dinner and margaritas at Goode’s Tacqueria, followed by a visit to a local Hookah place on Friday — and close […]

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