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Wendy Schultz visits Intro to Foresight class to discuss images of the future

October 30, 2014

Wendy Schultz is futurist at Infinite Futures and former professor of Foresight at UH. She was a guest lecturer in the Intro to Foresight class this week where she presented on images of the future. Wendy cited the foundational text, The Image of the Future by Fred Polak as key influence for understanding the role images play in understanding […]

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University of Houston Foresight student work featured in Futurist magazine

October 29, 2014

The World Future Society conference was in Orlando, Florida on July 10th and 11th this summer. The annual conference provides a “neutral forum for exploring possible, probable and preferable futures.” The WFS also produces and distributes a magazine publication titled THE FUTURIST, which covers events and trends that are relevant to thinking about the future. The latest issue […]

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SingFit Wins Skullcandy Body Computing Challenge

October 22, 2014

Rachel Francine, co-founder and CEO of Musical Health Technologies, is a UH Foresight Alum. She believes that the Future of Medicine might be… Music! Music Health Technologies recently presented their first-of-its kind mobile application titled SingFit at the eighth annual University of Southern California Body Computing Conference. The conference was designed to discover how new advances in sensing technologies […]

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Ross Schott’s work with Singularity University featured in The Telegraph

October 16, 2014

Ross Shott, managing director of the graduate studies program at Singularity University is an alumni of the Houston Foresight program. Singularity University, a small unaccredited institute in northern California, is a Futures education initiative co-founded by futurist Ray Kurzweil. Its mission is to help solve some of the planet’s greatest humanitarian problems, such as famine and climate change. The […]

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Laura, Jim, Katie, Omar and Andy travel to Indianapolis to present Student Needs project

October 13, 2014

On September 26th, Foresight students Laura Schlehuber, Katie King, Omar Sahi, and Jim Breaux (now also a faculty member in the program) along with Professor Andy Hines travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana to present the Student Needs project to the Lumina Foundation. The presentation included key findings from the two dozen strong group of faculty, alums, and students who gathered […]

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Heather Schlegel’s work on the reputation economy featured on CNN

October 1, 2014

Heather Schlegel, a student of the Foresight program has been busy speaking, producing a TV series, and hosting a Podcast on the future of money, identity, relationships and humanity. She recently completed a report on reputation currencies commissioned by the Institute of Customer Experience. An excerpt from the report was featured in the Future Finance section of CNN. Heather […]

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Ten Books for Prospective Futurists

October 1, 2014

If you had to suggest ten books that a prospective futurist should read – starting from a tabula rasa (limited or no previous exposure), what would be on your list? It’s hard to do, and I cheated a little bit, by offering other suggestions and grouping them under loose categories or types. 1.Introductory Overviews Ed […]

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