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Student Needs 2025+ project in the Daily Cougar

September 24, 2014

The Student Needs project is in the news again! The Daily Cougar recently published an article which includes commentary from students and alumni who participated in the project. The article discusses why the report was commissioned, and specifically why a student-centric perspective was made a priority when conducting research. As Andy mentions in the article, “Our research was […]

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Amir Bar Presentes at the Systems Thinking & Dynamic Modeling Conference for K-12 Education

September 24, 2014

Amir Bar, an alumni of  the Human Resources Development program at UH developed a tool to help students learn concepts from the Systems Thinking course in the Foresight program. He recently had the opportunity to present the flashcards he developed at the Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling for K-12 conference in Boston, MA. In a recent correspondance, Amir […]

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Save the Date: Spring Gathering 2015 on “Technology Acceleration”

September 24, 2014

Houston Foresight Spring Gathering 2015: Technology Acceleration April 17-18, 2015 University of Houston, Cameron Building We have seen astounding changes in technology in the last century. What’s more, several types of technological change have accelerated over this time period, particularly those associated with digital and nanotechnologies. Some say accelerating scientific and technological change have in […]

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Introducing Omar Sahi as the new GA

September 22, 2014

The baton has passed to a new GA this fall – introducing Omar Sahi! Omar is a full-time student in his second year in the Foresight program. He has conducted research on the future of personal photography and the future of news media thus far in the program. He was also a member of the […]

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Future of Education: Goodbye, Summer Vacation

September 12, 2014

I squeezed onto CNBC yesterday with  a few comments as part of “Will the college bubble burst: ; this is the written version: Sharon Epperson, “A higher-ed bubble even bigger than student loans, Sept 11, 2014, Redesign of the Traditional Classroom Now, for the stuff that didn’t get aired. Here are some of the note I […]

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Houston Chronicle interviews Andy Hines on Student Needs 2025+

September 4, 2014

Those who have been following our blog might be familiar with the Future Of Student Needs: 2025 and Beyond project. The Houston Foresight program recruited a team of students and alums to prepare a report which seeks to anticipate the needs of future students in order to increase college completion rates. After months of work, we are preparing to […]

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“Teaching about the Future” wins the APF Most Significant Futures Works Award

September 3, 2014

Teaching about the Future was awarded first prize in the “methodology and practice” category in this year’s Association of Professional Futurists “Most Significant Futures Works” competition. This textbook summarizes the Houston Foresight program curriculum in a comprehensive yet readable fashion. We use it as the text for our “Introduction to Foresight” course as well as providing […]

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