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Who rocked Innovate2038? I think we did…

September 30, 2013

The final scores are in for Innovate2038, played between September 25th and 26th, and UH Foresight rocked the scoreboards! Out of a whopping 543 players, Mackenzie Dickson, Alex Clouse, and April Koury (myself) are listed in the top 15 High Scores. Mackenzie, Jim Breaux (Bagelx), Dr. Hines, Alex, Nicole Trapp, Omar Sahi, Laura Schlehuber (LauraMignon), and […]

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Heather’s at it again, and she needs our help!

September 27, 2013

Heather Schlegel, current Foresight student (and AMAZING film futurist; view a past short here), has a new project in mind – Future of Money TV series – and she’s started up a Kickstarter fund to get it going.  She’s got 34 days left to raise $35,000 and already has 43 backers pledging over $12,000. Check out her project: What […]

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The Innovate2038 MOOG is an Absorbing Experience

September 27, 2013

It was hard to stop! A dozen or so Houston Foresight students met in person and virtually to participate in the IRI/IFTF Innovate game. It was tremendously engaging. The new-to-MOOG-playing folks (including myself) were a little nervous about what to do as our appointed hour to start arrived. It really helped having a couple of […]

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RSA Student Design Awards

September 25, 2013

The Royal Society of Arts Student Design Awards are in full swing again, and it’s time for us futurists to put our finely attuned senses to good use for society. The RSA is a global charity committed to finding innovative, practical solutions to social problems. Each year they host a competition that challenges students to […]

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Houston Foresight Answers a Wake Up Call for On the Horizon

September 23, 2013

Houston Foresight alum Dennis Morgan edited a special issue “Overshoot and Collapse: a wake up call” in response to Richard Slaughter’s “Biggest Wakeup Call in History, for the most recent “On the Horizon.” In addition to serving as guest editor, Dennis contributed a piece called: “Structural criminality within the “collective shadow”: disaster capitalism and the […]

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Oliver Markley Places Second in APF Most Significant Futures Works Award for “A New Methodology for Anticipating STEEP Surprises”

September 20, 2013

We recently featured Adjunct Faculty Terry Grim for winning the 2013 APF Most Significant Futures Works Award. We can’t stop there, however, as Professor Emeritus Oliver Markley of the Foresight program came in second for his piece for “A  New Methodology for Anticipating STEEP Surprises.” Oliver taught in the Foresight (then Futures Studies at UHCL) program for […]

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Dr. Bishop’s Interview with iG in Brazil

September 18, 2013

Dr. Bishop was recently interviewed by iG for the Brazilian workshop Strategies in Times of Uncertainty. Check out the article here, and the original interview below: 1) We live in a time of re-signification of consumption and shopping. You see this moment as one of the moments of uncertainty, here, from an economic standpoint? – We futurists […]

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Houston Foresight Students Interning with the European Futures Observatory

September 15, 2013

Students Laura Schlehuber and Kate Burgess–Macintosh are doing internships this fall with Stephen Aguilar-Milan of the European Futures Observatory (EUFO). Jason Swanson continues to intern with EUFO – see one of his EUFO blog posts. Jason, Laura, and Kate will be working on a project to consider whether or not one of the effects of […]

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Terry Grim Wins APF Most Significant Futures Works Award for “Foresight Maturity Model”

September 12, 2013

Congratulation to Adjunct Faculty (and Foresight Program alum) Terry Grim for winning the 2013 APF Most Significant Futures Works Award for her work in developing the Foresight Maturity Model. Terry has been teaching the “Intro” class in the program for the last several years and we appreciate her skill and expertise in launching students on […]

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From the vaults of UH Futures

September 4, 2013

Recently rediscovered for your enjoyment: UH Futures Podcast Lecture Series. ’06 program graduate Natasha Vita-More put together an amazing podcast lecture series for the UH program, with noted futurist speakers including Dr. Joseph Coates, Dr. Jim Dator, Dr. Windy Schultz, Dr. Max More, and Jennifer Jarrett among others. Lectures, the accompanying slides, and speakers’ bios can all be […]

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