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Congrats WFS 2013 Presenters!

January 30, 2013

Congratulations to Terry Collins and James Breaux! Both will be hosting the session Starting Integral – Visioning and a New STEEP Sector during the WorldFuture 2013 conference this July. This session is about using an Integral perspective as the starting point for foresight work. The panel will speak to visioning at the beginning of the process and also […]

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Foresight and the Clash of the Timeframes

January 27, 2013

In this morning’s New York Times, I came across three stories relating to the future and the public sector. The story that first caught my attention was “With a Departure, a Job Is Again Redefined.” President Obama just appointed his third “Senior Advisor,” Dan Pfeiffer, succeeding David Axelrod and David Plouffe. The story suggests that the […]

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Timing and the Future

January 25, 2013

It’s been said that timing is everything….and the future is no exception. I recently came across a story “Future computer system could be your personal chef” that brought me back more than twenty years. The story opens with “IBM is developing a computer system that could theoretically customize healthy recipes based on your personal taste […]

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Myths and the Future

January 21, 2013

Elizabeth Rudd of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) recently shared a link to a nice piece in Strategy & Business interviewing Betty Sue Flowers on the Dueling Myths of Business. (A great benefit of being part of the APF is this spontaneous sharing of interesting leads). Among her many qualifications, certainly a unique one in the area […]

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Foresight Game – Connected Citizens: the Future of Government Services

January 20, 2013

Connected Citizens: the Future of Government Services Look for Jake Dunagan and the Institute for the Future to run a foresight game this week (1/22/13) called “Connected Citizens: the Future of Government Services”. A prominent futurist recently said , “It’s a great example of the IFTF’s Foresight Engine; their online platform for generating conversation and engagement around future-facing […]

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Great review of Teaching about the Future

January 8, 2013

Here’s a great review of Teaching about the Future. It comes from Jay Gary of the Regent University Strategic Foresight program. It says something about the foresight community in one program is willing to promote the work of another. Of course, the Houston program did help Regent when it was starting out, and my colleague and co-author Peter […]

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Hines Podcast on Being a Futurist

January 3, 2013

I recently did a podcast on what it’s like to be a futurist and various other futurist-related topics. The interview was conducted by Hope Katz-Gibbs of BeInkandescent. Among the specifics we covered: What it means to be a futurist The popular book, ConsumerShift, and what the future of consumerism looks like The study for MTV about the future […]

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