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Houston Futures of…

May 29, 2012

Mobile:  The emerging economies of China, India, and the rest of the developing world will power not only mobile growth but creative ideas as well. Internet Gaming:   Gamification has surfaced as a “game changer” when it comes learning, teaching, and doing, so tell your kids to stay up late plating Call of Duty. Work:  When […]

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Houston Future’s In the Year 2050

May 27, 2012

                  People are eating alot in 2050.  I mean like double what they’re eating now, but there’s more of us so that’s to be understandable.  That means we have to be more careful with our ecosystems that will be taking a taking a sizable hit when climate […]

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Houston Futures Graduates New Foresight Practitioners

May 25, 2012

              Houston Futures graduated another class this year with its second Certificate in Strategic Foresight conference in Houston this past week.  34 global strategy leaders from governments, consulting companies, marketing agencies, and other captains of industry learned the gospel of futures from Houston Futures lead faculty Dr. Peter Bishop […]

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Houston Futures of..

May 24, 2012

              Search Engines:  Changes are definitely going to be a huge part of how search engines operate, and the tactics that they are beginning to deploy may be leading to great debates and great innovations.             Cars:  Ford is partnering up with Microsoft to […]

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CL Manfredi’s The Ten Scanning Commandments

May 23, 2012

                  Ah, the digital smog, how you are so tiresome!  This week, Houston Futures is putting on its Spring Strategic Foresight Conference in Houston at the awesome Minute Maid Park (Go Astros!), and I had many of the would-be new foresight professionals ask me how I scan […]

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