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A Fulbright Course on Strategic Foresight

April 22, 2011

Alum Roumiana Gotseva, currently with the Foresight Alliance, is offering course in Strategic Foresight – this summer as part of The Fulbright International Summer Institute (FISI). FISI is an award-winning academic and cultural program that started in 2002, offering one-week intensive courses in a wide variety of subject areas: politics and international relations; business and economics; law, […]

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STEEP is just an acronym!

April 21, 2011

little bit of a rant here. The really good news is that foresight and futurists are being introduced to more and more people every day. One of our jobs in introducing the future is to simplify and help new folks grasp the basics. Another way of putting this is that we operate at the “pop” […]

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Futures Reunion Follow-up

April 19, 2011

On behalf of the UH Futures program, we would like to thank all students and graduates who were able to join us for last weekend’s networking and seminar events. A special thanks to Kuan-Wei for capturing the wonderful moments via photographs!   The weekend kicked off with drinks and talks of futures at the oldest […]

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Are We More Optimistic about the Future than We Should Be?

April 7, 2011

Apparently so!….Our  Futures Studies program had the great pleasure of a visit with Philipp Ecken, a colleague with Center for Futures Studies and Knowledge Management, EBS Business School. He joined us for several classes–and a few cocktails as well. We are always pleased to share our thinking and learn from others how they do it. […]

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Some Content….on the Future of Work

April 1, 2011

While we certain teach a lot of the “how-to-do” foresight, process and content cannot be completely separated. Many classes have a major project as their key deliverable in which they learn a concept, method, or tool by practicing with a futures topic. The faculty often talk about the future of various topics for various audiences. […]

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