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Houston Foresight Answers a Wake Up Call for On the Horizon

Published on 4:13 pm By Andy

Houston Foresight alum Dennis Morgan edited a special issue “Overshoot and Collapse: a wake up call” in response to Richard Slaughter’s “Biggest Wakeup Call in History, for the most recent “On the Horizon.” In addition to serving as guest editor, Dennis contributed a piece called: “Structural criminality within the “collective shadow”: disaster capitalism and the […]

Myths and the Future

Published on 11:55 pm By Andy

Elizabeth Rudd of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) recently shared a link to a nice piece in Strategy & Business interviewing Betty Sue Flowers on the Dueling Myths of Business. (A great benefit of being part of the APF is this spontaneous sharing of interesting leads). Among her many qualifications, certainly a unique one in the area […]

Some thoughts on narcissistic leaders

Published on 6:45 pm By Andy

  A grad student asked me to take a look at Michael Maccoby’s Narcissistic Leaders: Who Succeeds and Who Fails. As I started to back away and cite the size of my reading “to do” list, I was cleverly enticed by his noting that Maccoby cites foresight, systems thinking, and visioning as three of his “five […]

[filling a gap in the]…..role of human behavior in foresight

Published on 9:16 am By Andy

I came across an interesting paragraph relating to our future of values topic in a place, well, I wouldn’t have suspected to find it. There was a section called “Human behaviour and its influence in Foresight studies” in a piece by Denis Loveridge and Ozcan Saritas, Reducing the democratic deficit in institutional foresight programmes: A case […]

Values and Global Warming

Published on 8:14 am By Andy

Our World Futures class in the UH Futures Studies program took a “field trip” to see Dr. S. Fred Singer present his views  about anthropogenic global warming, or human-induced global warming. He flatly asserts that there is no evidence for this! In his very engaging talk he openly admitted that his view is a minority one, […]

Best of the Blogs- February 7, 2012

Published on 11:22 am By Christopher Manfredi

WFS’ Thomas Frey predicts the disappearance of 2 billion jobs by 2030 at TEDxReset, Istanbul, Turkey and gives us the reason why in his blog post. Emergent by Design shares the values of of a Hacker Ethic giving us all some ways to participate in this new creative age. Smart Planet’s Chris Nelder breaks down […]

Values, technology and the West Coast Truth

Published on 7:11 pm By Andy

You might enjoy this radio interview that faculty member Andy Hines did with Russell Scott of the West Coast Truth radio program. We covered a wide range of topics. The bulk of the conversation was around the ideas on values shifts in my new book ConsumerShift, but we explored a variety of futures topics, such […]

UH Futures on the Radio: Values Shifts and Rewiring Your Brain

Published on 12:42 pm By Andy

On Saturday, I did a 54 minute radio interview with Dr. Bob Rose on his “Rewiring Your Brain” show on BlogTalkRadio. The full show is available to be listened to here. It was a blast! Bob is a greater interviewer with a wide range of interests. The main theme was how the values shifts I talk about […]

Coast to Coast Values

Published on 10:08 am By Andy

I’m excited to be talking about values with host Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast Radio Saturday night at 10pm Pacific Time. Ian has a tremendous following, so it’s a great opportunity to spread the news about values changes to a large audience. If you’re a night owl, don’t miss it! Andy Hines Tweet

ConsumerShift is out!

Published on 8:56 am By Andy

My book on the future of values, ConsumerShift: How Changing Values Are Reshaping the Consumer Landscape, is now available on Amazon for a special introductory price of $16.47! If you’d like to order bulk copies (10 or more), I can offer an additional discount from my personal stash. Better still, if you’d like me to […]