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Student Scanning: Futurecraft Biofabric

Published on 5:00 pm By Liah Johnson

Shoe company, Adidas is going above and beyond to become a sustainable company. In November, they launched a prototype of a new shoe called Futurecraft Biofabric. The shoes’ material is made of a material called Biosteel, which is a replication of spider silk and is fully biodegradable. Adidas collaborated with a German biotech company, AMSilk which produces the […]

Futurists in the Media: Early October 2017 Update

Published on 11:36 am By waylon edens

A quick roundup of hits from since the September update. About half are from organizational futurists and half from consulting futurists. There’s the typical “change is coming fast” and “deep change” keynotes, and the much-covered Millennials, in this case noting how they are hesitant to take vacations. Among the other topics were cybersecurity, supply chain, […]

Introducing Liah Johnson as the Fall 2016 Foresight GA

Published on 9:10 am By Andy

The baton has passed once again to a new GA this Fall – introducing Liah Johnson! Liah is a full-time student living in Houston. She began the program in Spring of 2015 and is getting close to graduation. She is doing an internship on our Forestry Horizon Scanning and Scenarios project, for which she’ll be […]

Jim Breaux’s Oil Systems Model in Perspectives

Published on 4:30 pm By Andy

It was great to see the oil systems model developed by Houston Foresight alum and Adjunct Faculty Jim Breaux highlighted in the August issue from the Perspectives wiki. Our program has long used material from the site’s author and publisher, Gene Bellinger. The wikis is part of his “Perspectives Project,” which was “established by and […]

Futurists in Media Q2: Less Use of “Futurists”

Published on 1:02 pm By Andy

It occurs to me that a new category we might monitor is how often futurist appears in “scare quotes.” When we say someone is a doctor or lawyer, we don’t put it in scare quotes. But many times “futurist” is, i.e.: so-and-so is a “futurist” who is going to…. A scare quote is a “phrase […]

Alum/Professor Cindy Frewen in the New York Times on Housing

Published on 8:05 pm By Andy

Apparently, it’s New York Times week for Houston Foresight alums. After posting a story about Jerry Paffendorf’s appearance, I learned that our own Alum and Adjunct Faculty Dr. Cindy Frewen, She is quoted in the Times on July 20 in an article, “Future Houses: 3-D Printed and Ready to Fly.” Cindy has a background as […]

Recent alum Omar Sahi joins The Futures Company

Published on 9:49 pm By Andy

Congratulations to recent alum Omar Sahi (scroll down to see his photo and bio) on being hired as an analyst at The Futures Company.  He was brought on board after serving as an intern for three months. The Futures Company is growing its foresight practice, and this is a really prime gig! Omar graduated last […]

Meet Richard “Kaipo” Lum: Our New Advanced Strategies Instructor

Published on 3:09 pm By johann schutte

We just started our Spring 2016 Advanced Strategies Class with a new instructor! Dr Richard “Kaipo” Lum will be leading this Class in which students get to connect what they learn about strategic planning with real clients outside the classroom hands-on. Richard is an academically trained futurist and holds a PhD in Political Science from […]

Introducing Johann Schutte as the New Foresight GA

Published on 7:50 pm By Andy

The baton has passed to a new GA this Spring – introducing Johann Schutte! Johann is a full-time student living on campus. He started the program part-time from his home country of South Africa, but decided he wanted to dive and immerse himself in the future. So he packed his bags and came to join […]

Houston Foresight Fall 2015 Newsletter & Spring Gathering Save-the-Date

Published on 5:44 am By Andy

The College of Technology puts together a nice-looking newsletter of what its various programs are up to each semester. Here is the link to the FORESIGHT_Fall Newsletter_Magazine. It’s a great way to catch up quickly on the highlights from the Fall. One item not in the newsletter that’s important to note is that we’ve set […]