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Houston Foresight at WFS/APF 2016

Published on 8:46 pm By Andy

The Houston Foresight program was once again well represented at the WFS/APF annual conference held this year in Washington DC from July 22-24. Congratulations to Julie Steele and the new team at WFS for simply pulling this conference off, given that they took over only a few months before the conference. As usual, I spent […]

Save the Date: 2017 Foresight Certificate “Boot Camp”

Published on 1:00 pm By Andy

We need to confirm a few things, but almost surely these will by the 2017 dates! Tweet

New UH FAQs YouTube Videos

Published on 11:05 am By Maria Romero

The UH Foresight Program has just released our first YouTube playlist composed of 7 videos (which can also be watched individually, of course) responding to some of the most frequent questions we get from those who are interested in our program. These videos were created to respond to the questions we frequently get from those interested […]

New Framework Foresight Graphic

Published on 9:17 am By Andy

It’s been great to have a little design help in order to better communicate what we do at the Houston Foresight program. We published our Framework Foresight method in Futures back in 2013 and had been teaching it for several years before [download graphic] A key change in our approach was the evolution from the […]

Hines Interview in The Innovators

Published on 2:36 pm By April Koury

Last week in Dr. Hines’ Proseminar class, we focused on how futures and futurists are portrayed in the media, and how we, as new futurists, might influence a more accurate description of the field than the stereotypical depiction of psychics staring into crystal balls. What an excellently timed discussion since this February’s issue of The […]

Great review of Teaching about the Future

Published on 7:04 am By Andy

Here’s a great review of Teaching about the Future. It comes from Jay Gary of the Regent University Strategic Foresight program. It says something about the foresight community in one program is willing to promote the work of another. Of course, the Houston program did help Regent when it was starting out, and my colleague and co-author Peter […]

Teaching about the Future is here!

Published on 4:17 pm By Andy

The second book-writing collaboration between Peter and myself has produced a new textbook, Teaching about the Future: The Basics of Foresight Education, published by Palgrave MacMillan. This book brings together more than thirty-five years of experience in teaching about the future from the University of Houston’s Graduate Program in Futures Studies. In addition to serving as a […]

“Forecast it, Maybe?”

Published on 9:09 pm By 6osnZ

Introduction to Futures Studies class is officially full on!  Professor Terry Grim has again requested her students to submit an introduction video and Kate Burgess Laurel-Mac Intosh has me cracking up.  Thank you for allowing us to share your video Kate and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Tweet