Congrats to Fall 2016 Graduates

Congratulations to our Fall 2016 graduates: Gandhi Bhakthavachalam, Maria Romero, and  Johann Schutte. I am going to miss them, but happy to see them moving forward!

Gandhi has an amazing array of talents and interests beyond the future, including being a professional tennis player. Nonetheless, he went through the program full-time, did outstanding in all his classes – a true master of time management! His Master’s project mapped out an alternative economic system.


Maria also went through the program full-time, which made it seem far too quick. She jumped right in as my GA and was always an eager participant in extracurricular activities, working on projects for the Forest Service, Herman Trend Alert, Student Needs 2025+ and Aperio Insights. She also used her graphic skills to redesign our Framework Foresight cone and our scanning process, as well as updating our system for reaching out to prospects, students, and alums.

Johann started out the program from South Africa taking one class at a time. But he decided that was taking too long and moved to Houston to take courses full-time. He was also a GA and participated in the Forest Service and Student Needs 2025+, as well as doing internships with UNESCO and UCB, a global biopharma company.

We look forward to continuing our journey together, as professional colleagues now! We hope – no, make that expect! — that each will stay involved with the foresight community as they take their next steps! Andy Hines

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