“Future of Students Needs” Work on Lumina Site

It is great to see the follow-up work we did for the original “Future of Student Needs 2025 and Beyond” get published on the student-powered section of Lumina Foundation’s website. A key recommendation of the original work was to set up a portal for students to provide input into the discussion on the future of higher education.

future of student needs

So much of the work being done and discussion takes on the institutional perspective – the student voice is often overlooked, so we thought it would be cool to have students engage with our content about the future.

After some internal discussion, the client agreed and we worked with smallbox, a design agency, to provide content for the site. Wmicrosite teame commissioned a separate and smaller team and generated a wide range of content about the future of student needs that was designed to provide an interesting and interactive experience for site visitors. In the picture from left to right – top row: Andy Hines, Alex Whittington, Johann Schutte, Maria Romero; bottom row: Katie King, Jason Crabtree, Ben Lummis, Will Williamson.


There’s quite a range of interesting material to play with: the full report, key insights, blog posts, emerging needs, and more to come! Andy Hines

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