Student Needs 2025

“Future of Students Needs” Work on Lumina Site

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It is great to see the follow-up work we did for the original “Future of Student Needs 2025 and Beyond” get published on the student-powered section of Lumina Foundation’s website. A key recommendation of the original work was to set up a portal for students to provide input into the discussion on the future of […]

Katie King’s Student Needs 2025+ Summary in APF Compass

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The Association of Professional Futurists published a special edition of the APF Compass to promote its Annual Gathering — The Learning Remix –which is just around the corner. It is an impressive collection of foresight thinking on the future of education. Our student Katie King had an article on Houston Foresight’s Student Needs 2025+ project that […]

Crafting a Platform for the Future of Students

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Ground has been broken on a new research project for our friends at Lumina Foundation. We’re doing some follow-on work to the Future of Student Needs: 2025 and Beyond project. One of our recommendations from that project was to consider building a platform to incorporate student voices into the discussion on the future of higher […]

Students Needs 2025 Final Report

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We are pleased to release the Final report on The Future of Student Needs: 2025 and Beyond. It has been reformatted to meet the design style of Lumina Foundation. Today, college students are encouraged to find work-life-school balance. In 2025, such a concept will be obsolete because work, life, school, and play will be one in the […]

Laura, Jim, Katie, Omar and Andy travel to Indianapolis to present Student Needs project

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On September 26th, Foresight students Laura Schlehuber, Katie King, Omar Sahi, and Jim Breaux (now also a faculty member in the program) along with Professor Andy Hines travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana to present the Student Needs project to the Lumina Foundation. The presentation included key findings from the two dozen strong group of faculty, alums, and students who gathered […]

Student Needs 2025+ project in the Daily Cougar

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The Student Needs project is in the news again! The Daily Cougar recently published an article which includes commentary from students and alumni who participated in the project. The article discusses why the report was commissioned, and specifically why a student-centric perspective was made a priority when conducting research. As Andy mentions in the article, “Our research was […]

Houston Chronicle interviews Andy Hines on Student Needs 2025+

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Those who have been following our blog might be familiar with the Future Of Student Needs: 2025 and Beyond project. The Houston Foresight program recruited a team of students and alums to prepare a report which seeks to anticipate the needs of future students in order to increase college completion rates. After months of work, we are preparing to […]

Student Needs 2025+: Draft Final Report

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Today, college students are encouraged to find work-life-school balance. In 2025, such a concept will be obsolete because work, life, school, and play will be one in the same. This is just one of the mind-bending takeaways that emerged from our Student Needs 2025+ project. After months of research and discussion from UH Foresight students […]

Student Needs 2025+: Future Skills

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A key theme we identified in exploring emerging student needs out to 2025 is that while we might have interesting debates at what skills would be most important, a “constant” would be the need for re-skilling. We won’t some day identify the “correct” or ultimate set of skills — it’s a moving target that evolves […]

Student Needs 2025+ in APF Compass

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Those of you who’ve been following our work on Student Needs 2025+ might be interested to know that our work was featured as part of the APF’s latest Special Issue on Education. Kudos to editor Andrew Curry for assembling this great material. Contents list, in page order: * Hardin Tibbs, on the changing university learning […]