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Student Joe Murphy: A Description of the Field

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It is the task of the futurist is to inform decisions by critically studying the future, comparable to how historiographers examine and synthesize the past. Foresight is a science and an art but it is not clairvoyance. I am a futurist finishing a Master’s of Science degree in Foresight through the University of Houston. In […]

Forest Futures: Knowing Each Tree in the Forest

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There’s no doubt the forest is different than the sum of its parts — its more than a collection of specimens who happen to cohabitate. It just so happens we’ve designated some of those specimens as a resource commodity.  The moment we as society ascribe value to the health, origin, uniqueness, age and care of trees within […]

Foresight student Joe Murphy interviews futurist Glen Hiemstra

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Popular Mechanics recently published an article, “How to See the Future,” that discusses the work that futurists do and notes that one can earn a degree in futures studies. I reached out the futurist who was interviewed for the article, Glen Hiemstra, and he shared deeper insights with me below. Hiemstra noted that he defines futurist work […]

Student Dave Ramirez on Software’s Right to Life

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“Within 50 years a legally binding “right to life” (a right not to be terminated or shut down with violation punishable as a capital offense) will be granted to software by some nation on Earth, effectively giving constitutional “human rights” to a software system.” My reasoning is based on three ideas. First, everything physical will […]

Single Versus Alternative Futures

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As part of Futures Research class, we have a discussion forum on the following question: “Why do you think it has taken so long for people to accept that the future is a set of multiple possibilities? And why some of them still prefer to try to predict the future?” Below is what I thought was […]

“Future of Students Needs” Work on Lumina Site

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It is great to see the follow-up work we did for the original “Future of Student Needs 2025 and Beyond” get published on the student-powered section of Lumina Foundation’s website. A key recommendation of the original work was to set up a portal for students to provide input into the discussion on the future of […]

Graphic of the Houston Foresight Scanning Process

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Our design expert on the Houston Foresight team, student Maria Romero, is at it again. After doing a beautiful job with updating the Framework Foresight process and cone, she turned her attention to our scanning process. The history of “our scanning process” merits a few comments. For years we have been teaching scanning with a […]

Summer Internships for Foresight Students

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Jason Crabtree will become resident futurist for the Workforce Planning, Analytics & Insights department at Disney Parks & Resorts in Orlando this summer as part of their paid professional internship program. While there he will be focusing on the challenges and risks associated with the future of employment in order to better support business decisions […]

Book Release by Graduate Student Craig Perry

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We are proud to announce the book release of one of our very own students: “Never Leave an Airman Behind: How the Air Force Faltered and Failed in the Wake of the Lackland Sex Scandal” written by Craig Perry. Craig did his undergraduate studies in History at Brown University, and while on active duty in the […]

Jason Crabtree wins Foresight Jeopardy 2016

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This year’s Foresight Jeopardy champion is Jason Crabtree. He vaulted to the top with a well-played strategy in Final Jeopardy, correctly asking the question, “What is Singapore?” in response to the answer: “This island’s government arguably has the world’s most advanced foresight capability.” (For those not familiar with jeopardy, answers are given and the contestants […]