SingFit Wins Skullcandy Body Computing Challenge

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Rachel Francine, co-founder and CEO of Musical Health Technologies, is a UH Foresight Alum. She believes that the Future of Medicine might be… Music! Music Health Technologies recently presented their first-of-its kind mobile application titled SingFit at the eighth annual University of Southern California Body Computing Conference. The conference was designed to discover how new advances in sensing technologies […]

Laura, Jim, Katie, Omar and Andy travel to Indianapolis to present Student Needs project

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On September 26th, Foresight students Laura Schlehuber, Katie King, Omar Sahi, and Jim Breaux (now also a faculty member in the program) along with Professor Andy Hines travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana to present the Student Needs project to the Lumina Foundation. The presentation included key findings from the two dozen strong group of faculty, alums, and students who gathered […]


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“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” – Abraham Maslow [1] NEW STEEP – Jim Breaux In Alternative Futures this semester we are finishing up our deep dive into integral theory. One of the tables we reviewed is the basic 4 quadrant (Wilber). A quick survey of […]

Houston Futures of…

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Work:  Humanity needs to come first when it comes to the future of work.  We owe it to ourselves to with a sense of what we can be.  Here’s a new work manifesto that expresses those ideals. Search:  Can the future of be more implicit?  Taking searching to exactly how you feel about something you’re […]

In The Year 2050

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The world is changing all around us; cities are exploding at 7500 people entering them an hour.  That means the impact of people living in those cities will dramatically change all life on Earth.  These social changes are just one way the world will be shaped as technological breakthroughs, the horrors of potential war, and […]

Houston Futures of…

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Education:  Technology is changing everything about higher education; teleconferencing, changing formats, and cost cutting techniques are going to bring higher education everywhere quickly, shaping the future of the world’s minds. Advertising:  Will advertisements be just about everywhere?  As video games become more a part the mainstream culture, the art of advertising looks to sell inside […]

Alum Jim Lee on “Seven Themes for the Current Decade”

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Houston Futures alum Jim Lee has an interesting post on his World Future Society blog called “Seven Themes for the Current Decade.” He identifies and describes the implications of seven themes of change: 1)  Go East!   2) Urbanize 3) Good to the Last Drop 4) Digitize Me 5) Smarter, Faster, Stronger 6) Stuck in […]

In The Year 2050

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Cities are continuing to explode as Latin America’s cities will blossom into a new almost completely urban (90%) environment.  These cities will be teeming with capital and experience as new economies are emerging to drive the next world economy explosion.  Even the Philippines is making en-roads in the capital world.  These cities will be vast […]

Houston Futures of…

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Robotics:  Will robots replace sooner than we think?  As robots become more flexible and more easily controlled, the economic implications will be staggering. Computing:  DARPA is looking to take the future of computing back to analog, hopefully solving the problem of the decreasing power issues of the forever growth model. Doctors:  Your health care network […]

Storing A Book in DNA

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