Save the Date: 2017 Foresight Certificate “Boot Camp”

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We need to confirm a few things, but almost surely these will by the 2017 dates! Tweet

The First Foresight Certificate Course of 2016 Done and Dusted

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Our bi-annual Foresight Certificate Course was presented from January 18-22 at the Hilton, University of Houston, Texas. After two other runs in May – one local and another in Belgium – the course will have completed its eighth year. We are glad to once again have attracted attendees from countries all over the globe such […]

Guest Lecture: Nick Price on Presencing

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It was great to have APF colleague Nick Price recently visit our class and lead us through Presencing exercise. Nick is a graduate of the Australian Foresight program and is doing his own thing these days with “Of Things Immaterial.” Our paths crossed in his former experiences as an organizational futurist with Philips Design and […]

Announcing the 2017 Foresight Certificate Course Dates

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Student Scanning: “Empowering Youth through E-books”

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[NOTE: We will occasionally be featuring some blog posts from student scanning hits in World futures class. This one is from Joe Murphy]. Partnerships are key in a future connected by ebooks. The White house unveiled a plan on April 30 to provide $250 million dollars worth of eBooks to the nation’s less affluent children […]

Alum Anne Boysen on Generations and Research

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Alum Anne Boysen recently talked to student in the World Futures class on the topic of Generational Foresight: Sifting our Way to Generational Insights (Presentation Generations lecture UH). She notes that this was her sixth presentation on the topic in the last month – a very popular theme these days. Her message to students was, […]

Sara Robinson: “All politics is about the future”

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On March 12th, Sara Robinson, Futurist and journalist focused on the American political and cultural landscape, visited World Futures students to talk about those things she’s learned to look at when she looks at politics. She started the lecture with a revealing truth: All politics is about the future She explained that all politics end up […]

Next Foresight Certificate Course: May 11-15, 2015 in Houston

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Our next certificate course will be held at the UH Hilton in Houston, Texas from May 11-15th 2015. The UH certificate in Foresight is in its seventh year of twice-annual seminars held at the University of Houston in January and May each year. We are also offering the certificate course at the Destree Institute from […]

Arup Futurist Chris Luebkeman Visits with Foresight Program

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Futurist Chris Luebkeman, Arup Fellow and Global Director, who established the foresight group with the firm, visited with the combined “Intro” and “Seminar” classes of the Houston Foresight program on Monday. In 1999, Chris joined Arup as the Co-Director for Research and Development. A couple of years later, he formed the Foresight, Innovation and Incubation […]

Wendy Schultz visits Intro to Foresight class to discuss images of the future

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Wendy Schultz is futurist at Infinite Futures and former professor of Foresight at UH. She was a guest lecturer in the Intro to Foresight class this week where she presented on images of the future. Wendy cited the foundational text, The Image of the Future by Fred Polak as key influence for understanding the role images play in understanding […]